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The Big Boy Bundle

£94.94 £79.99


  • Motorcycle Chain Monkey
  • BananaSlip Chain Lube or Wax
  • PrimeShine Chain Cleaner
  • PrimeShine Bodywork Foam Cleaner
  • Muck Monkey
  • Wheel Monkey
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The ultimate motorcycle cleaning and chain care bundle, the Big Boy Bundle gives you everything required to quickly and effectively clean, set and protect the drivetrain and bodywork of your motorcycle.

Using the Chain Monkey and Wheel Monkey means chain tension setting couldn’t be easier, while the Wheel Monkey also allows you to rotate either wheel for rapid cleaning of the rims and chain.

PrimeShine Chain Cleaner and Muck Monkey are perfectly coupled to breakdown and remove dirt build up to leave your chain looking like new.

Shine and protect with PrimeShine Bodywork Foam Cleaner, as it lifts dirt on bodywork, metal, plastics and rubber to leave your bike with a polished finish, all without the need for messy water! Perfect for garage cleaning, touring or at shows.

Protect your chain and sprockets with a perfectly formulated lubricant tailored to your riding needs, pick from the BananaSlip range of Chain Lube or Chain Wax depending on your riding style and surface.

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