An essential part of owning a motorcycle is ensuring it stays in good condition. You need to make sure you give your bike plenty of TLC, otherwise you can expect its performance, appearance and value to worsen quicker than you might like.

Your bike’s chain is undoubtedly one of the most important components of your bike, so it’s absolutely essential that you dedicate significant time and effort towards preserving its health.

However, with so many products and manufacturers now in the industry, deciding which tools will be of most benefit to your chain can be a tricky decision to make.

To give you some guidance, in this handy guide we’ve listed some of the most effective products for cleaning your bike as well as provided some of our top tips for helping you to achieve the best results.

Bike Chain Cleaner

One of our favourite products for looking after motorcycle chains is the PrimeShine Chain Cleaner. Perfect for road and off-road bikes alike, it’s specifically formulated to provide increased levels of chain protection and is incredibly effective at removing grease, oil and dirt build up. It’s also easy to use, which is why it’s favoured by mechanics and new riders alike. It’s also suitable for a variety of chain types.

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For some riders, soapy water is all that is used to clean their chain. This however isn’t advised as it causes rust to develop and isn’t anywhere near as efficient at removing grease as specifically formulated degreasers are.

Chain Cleaning Tool

In order to effectively clean your chain, you’ll need to be using more than just a degreaser when cleaning your chain. Although it’s effective at removing grit and a host of other unwanted elements, there are certain areas of the chain that simply cannot be reached without a good old scrub, which is why you should also be using a sturdy-bristled brush.

The Muck Monkey, for example, is designed with a mixture of short and long durable bristles that enable even the toughest of dirt to be removed from those hard to reach places. Utilising this type of innovative tool will not only prevent dirt build up, but it will also go a long way in increasing the life of your chain and sprockets too.

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Best Chain Lube

Lubrication should be another key part of your motorcycle maintenance kit if you’re wanting to maximise your bike’s performance and power delivery. Dry chains cause bad shifting and metal on metal friction, resulting in the chain to wear much quicker than it would if it was lubricated, so it’s something you certainly need to keep on top of.

A lubricant that many riders all over the world use is our BananaSlip Chain Lube. It’s carefully manufactured with a unique combination of properties that ensures the entire chain is lubricated, ensuring it is effectively protected and able to perform to its optimum level in even the harshest of weather conditions.

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Motorbike Cleaning Kit

If you’re wanting to get all of the essential tools and products in one package, then the Chain Clean & Lube Bundle is perfect. It contains all of the items we’ve explained above (PrimeShine Chain Cleaner, Muck Monkey and BananaSlip Chain Lube), so is the ultimate kit for making sure your chain not only looks in tip-top condition, but also continues to efficiently perform to its capabilities.

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