BananaSlip Chain Lube 500ml


Our BananaSlip Anti-Fling Chain Lube has been specifically formulated to perform exceptionally well under intense use in all weather conditions, while providing long lasting protection.



When initially sprayed our Chain Lube is extremely thin, almost like water, this allows it to immediately penetrate all moving areas of the chain before setting to a dry, anti-fling layer within minutes. It’s completely transparent and only requires a small amount to be applied for optimum lubrication.

Most lubricants spray on in a thick layer and then sit on the outside of the chain (where the least lubrication is actually required) before flinging into the chain guard or all over the wheel, or causing a big horrible claggy mess, but not BananaSlip! Our lubricant is only thin when initially sprayed, this ensures it lubricates within the chain (not on the outside like others) to reduce wear and dissipate heat caused by riding.

You really won’t find a better lubricant for your bike on the market!

Improve Performance
Prolong Sprocket Life
Increase Chain Life
Optimise Power Delivery
Smoother Ride

How to use your Chain Lube

Step 1: Ensure your chain is clean, dirt free and dry before appying.
Step 2: Evenly apply to all surfaces of the chain.
Step 3: Your bike is ready for instant use.

Note: Compatible with standard O, X and X-Ring chains.

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