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Anthony Joshua Uses Tru-Tension’s Motorbike BananaSlip Chain Lube

Wednesday 3rd June 2020|

World heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua uses our very own BananaSlip Chain Lube! In a recent post on the British boxer’s Instagram, the two-time unified heavyweight champion can be seen posing with a 500ml can of our motorcycle lube! [...]

Tru-Tension’s Tungsten Bike Lubricant – The Best on the Market

Tuesday 12th May 2020|

Since our Dragons’ Den investment, we’ve spent the past two years investing in innovation within the motorcycling and cycling industry. Every product we launch adds great benefit to what is already on the market, from our world-first chain tension [...]

The Best All-Weather Bike Lubricant – Zero Friction Cycling Results

Tuesday 12th May 2020|

Tru-Tension’s Tungsten All Weather Lube has been independently proven to be the highest performing cycling lubricant of its type in the world. Tungsten All Weather Lube is a quick and easy to apply lubricant that sets in just 10 [...]

How to Stay Fit During the Coronavirus Lockdown – Home Fitness Ideas for Cyclists

Monday 6th April 2020|

With the current Covid-19 outbreak, it looks as though we will be locked inside for the foreseeable future. And for us cyclists, this means that we probably won’t be able to get out on the bike for a little while [...]

Best Motorcycle Cleaning Product – How to Keep Your Motorcycle Clean

Wednesday 15th January 2020|

Here at Tru-Tension, we’re passionate about helping motorcyclists all over the world to keep their bike in tip-top condition. We’ve manufactured a wide range of innovative and industry-leading products, all of which are designed to enable riders to perform essential [...]