Previously, you may have read our 6 tips for motorcycling in winter, which focuses on what you need to do when riding. Here, however, we will focus on how to maintain the bike during these testing months, and how to reduce the risk of any damage to your bike.


Where to store your motorcycle in winter?

Just like us, your motorcycle will also feel the bitter temperatures of the winter months, so make every effort to store your machine indoors. Without going into too much detail and cutting the boring parts out, leaving your bike exposed in the freezing temperatures will inevitably cause rust and corrosion on your bike. If you can’t keep your bike inside, at the very least get a cover, this will only protect your bike to an extent, but it is better than nothing.


What type of tyre should you use in winter?

Some tyres cope better than others in cold temperatures, but generally speaking, the cold reduces the pressure of tyres. If you have sport tyres, you might want to consider swapping these for heavier tyres, such as touring tyres. Due to their heavy build, they produce more internal heat, so are less likely to become flat, and will also last longer than sport tyres.


Check the Health of your chain

Your chain is a crucial element to your bike and it’s important you keep your bike chain healthy. To avoid any corrosion and to remove any grease, make sure you thoroughly clean your chain, which is easy with a Muck Monkey. You should also set your chain to the correct tension, using a Chain Monkey, to prevent any further problems with your chain while riding.

It’s also a good idea to use Chain Lube or Wax to keep your chain in good condition throughout winter. Your chain is exposed to various elements during harsh winter riding and commuting, and chain wax is particularly effective as it penetrates deep into the links of the chain before drying externally to leave a protective layer against water and dirt.


Maintaining your battery

Winter isn’t very forgiving to batteries, especially if you don’t plan to ride your bike much during this period. The cold temperatures hinder the chemical reactions of your battery, meaning that a larger current is needed for the bike to operate. In these months, the best way to keep your battery charged is to ride it for a short time once a week and allow the battery to charge for a few hours every other week. This ensures that when you regularly ride your bike again, your battery is fully charged, allowing you to enjoy your bike! Another option is to leave the bike on a trickle charge, which charges the battery at a slow and constant rate, usually at the same speed as the battery’s self-discharge rate.


Keep your bike clean

Due to the potential for ice, the roads are constantly being covered in grit, and although this helps you stay in control, it can cause harm to your bike. It’s also common for bikes to pick up dirt in these months, and this can be detrimental to your bike, so it’s important that you keep on top of this. With our Foam Cleaner, one spray of the bike will remove all light dirt. And for heavy dirt, one spray will lift the dirt from the bike’s surface, allowing water to wash the salt away, and one final spray to give the bike a pristine and polished finish!


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