Unfortunately, it appears that motorcycle theft is still prevalent across the UK, particularly in the capital. It is reported that approximately 15,000 two-wheeled vehicles were stolen in London between the middle of 2016 and the middle of 2017, which is a 30% increase from the previous year.

Police believe that the majority of criminals who are stealing these bikes are using them as their getaway vehicle for other crimes, such as distributing drugs, ‘snatch’ robberies and drive-by-acid attacks. Other criminals are targeting high-end motorcycles, and are instead breaking them down to parts to be re-sold. As motorcycles are accountable for 50% of all vehicles stolen, there is a growing need for measures to be introduced to help people secure their bike.

Motorbike Theft in London

In recent years, several campaigns have been introduced that aim to reduce the number of vehicles being stolen in London and throughout the UK. Operation Venice, started by The Metropolitan Police, is an example that is attempting to crack down on motorcycle crime and theft. Some of the operation’s initiatives include encouraging motorbike owners to use adequate methods of securing their vehicle, carrying out raids on individuals suspected of stealing motorcycles and having high visibility patrols in key areas of London.

Motorcycle Theft in Bristol

Operation Buell is a similar campaign to Operation Venice, but is aiming to tackle motorbike theft specifically in the Bristol area. The investigation has led to numerous arrests so far, but Avon and Somerset Constabulary aren’t resting on the laurels and are continuing to try and disrupt motorbike theft in Bristol.

Crime Prevention Campaign

The Be Safe campaign is another ongoing Met Police crime prevention campaign that aims to motivate Londoners to protect themselves and their property from crime. One of the campaign’s priorities is to reduce the amount of scooter thefts occurring throughout London. They are regularly holding events at scooter parking bays where officers can provide advice to owners of scooters and motorcycles concerning how they can better secure their bikes, and are working with insurers, dealerships and manufacturers to help raise awareness of security at the point of purchase.

How to Secure Your Motorcycle

Although security measures alone won’t guarantee the protection of your motorcycle, having visible security on your bike makes it less attractive to thieves, discouraging them from attempting to steal your bike. Bikers who don’t use trusted security measures are in fact their own worst enemy. One of the most effective ways of securing your bike is to use a sturdy, metal lock. A D-lock is a good example – it’s hard to break through and is a great visual deterrent.

It’s not a physical security object, but when parking in public, try to leave your bike in a busy and well-lit area. Having more people around will inevitably put people off attempting to steal your bike, so try to avoid parking on quiet side roads.

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