Some bikes provide less comfort than others, but generally, motorcycles have built up a reputation for being an uncomfortable ride. Here are some tips to help ensure your experience on your bike is as pleasant as possible.


What clothes to wear when riding

Obviously, you want to protect yourself, so you still must wear suitable clothing, but in the hot, blistering sun, it’s likely that you will be dripping with sweat! To combat this, consider buying some ventilated motorcycle gear – it’s designed to both protect you, and to prevent your body temperature from rocketing.


Position of your back

Inevitably, your back will ache after riding (especially if you have a sports bike) as you are constantly leaning forward and putting it under strain. There are several options to resolve this but the best solution I’ve found is to use a back protector and to wear a backpack! Both of these accessories help keep your back upright, which therefore reduces the stress put on your back. However, just because they work for us, may not mean they will work for you.


Taking a break

A simple, but effective solution, taking a break can work wonders. When you are on longer duration rides, having a quick break to stretch and shake off every hour will help relieve any stress or pain in your back. This is also important for helping circulation, and preventing muscle soreness/ cramping.

When riding, it’s easy to forget that you need to stay hydrated, so while you are taking frequent breaks, have a drink of water. Make sure you always have a bottle on your bike, and before every ride, make sure that you fill it up with fresh water. Riding on a sweltering day without a drink on board is an unpleasant experience!


Your bike’s condition

It’s crucial that your bike is in good condition so that you can relax while on your bike. You don’t want any lingering problems with your bike as this will cause you to be constantly worrying while riding. Check your tyres are to the correct pressure before riding, and make sure your chain is set to the right tension using a Chain Monkey.


Aftermarket seats

Let’s get straight to the point, no one enjoys having a sore backside! The vast majority of motorbikes have notoriously uncomfortable seats with little padding, making you fidget, and leaving you in pain after the ride. Even if you do have a comfortable seat, over time it is likely that its condition will deteriorate, resulting in you having to purchase an aftermarket seat. You can purchase both permanent and temporary aftermarket seats, and prices vary, but they are helpful if you find your motorbike seat too uncomfortable or if your current seat has had its best days.


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