We’re very excited to announce that, for the first time, Tru-Tension will be entering one of the toughest motorcycle rallies in Great Britain, the Brit Butt Rally. Each rider is expected to complete around 1,200 miles in just 36 hours!

We’ll be regularly posting on social media with our progress throughout the rally, so like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date!

This awesome annual event is organised by the Iron Butt Association, who are dedicated to safe, long-distance, endurance motorcycle riding.

What is the Iron Butt Britt Butt Rally?

After meeting in Leicester on Friday 25th May 2018, riders will choose their own route to ride around the country for up to a maximum of 36 hours, photographing landmarks to collection bonus points, spread far and wide. There will be places close to the start, at all corners of Great Britain and everywhere else in between. Riders can choose to sleep in hotels, at home, a tent or wherever they fancy!

The details of the bonus locations and scoring strategy remain secret until the night before the rally, so great planning skills are key, along with the all-important iron butt!

Find out more about the Brit Butt Rally here: https://www.ironbutt.co.uk/w3/bbr.php

The Iron Butt Association originated and headquartered in the United States. They have over 60,000 members world-wide.

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