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Chain Monkey Bundle

£54.96 £47.99


  • Motorcycle Chain Monkey
  • BananaSlip Chain Lube or Wax
  • PrimeShine Chain Cleaner
  • Muck Monkey

Note: One aerosol will arrive separately to the main bundle box due to postal regulations.

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The Chain Monkey bundle gives you the perfect equipment to clean, set and maintain your motorcycle’s drive chain. Remove all the existing dirt, grease and grime before precisely setting and lubricating your chain to provide long lasting protection and increased life of moving components.

PrimeShine Chain Cleaner and Muck Monkey are perfectly coupled to breakdown and remove dirt build up to leave your chain looking like new, ready for a fresh application of lubricant.

Use the Chain Monkey to precisely set your motorcycles chain to not only save time, but eliminate the need for countless adjustments and measurements. Perfect for all road and off road motorcycles and designed to fit all chain sizes.

BananaSlip Chain Lube or Wax is the perfect choice to provide long lasting chain lubrication with enhanced performance and a fresh banana fragrance. Choose the perfect lubricant for your riding style to ensure enduring protection and weather resistance.

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