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Belt Monkey Bundle

£76.69 £59.99


  • Belt Monkey – Motorcycle belt tension tool
  • Wheel Monkey – Motorcycle roller stand
  • PrimeShine Brake Cleaner
  • PrimeShine TT78 Multi-Use Spray


The Belt Monkey Bundle gives you the perfect equipment to set your drive belt and maintain the moving components on your bike.

The Wheel Monkey roller stand allows the front or rear wheels to be quickly and easily rotated for cleaning and maintenance. Gone are the days of continuously moving your motorcycle backwards and forwards while cleaning the wheel or brakes.

Use the Belt Monkey to precisely set your motorcycles belt to not only save time, but eliminate the need for countless adjustments and measurements. Perfect for all belt driven motorcycles.

Ensure your bike has optimum braking performance with PrimeShine Brake Cleaner. Perfectly formulated to quickly and effectively remove dirt and oils on braking components to give you the best stopping power.

TT78 Multi-Use Cleaner is specifically designed for motorcycles to degrease, lubricate and shine motorcycle components. Perfect for engines and casings to give them a gleaming finish, or use TT78 to loosen stiff to move or squeaky parts. The perfect multi-use spray for any motorcycle.